Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NY Strips- Remastered

1.5 Inch Cut Prime NY Strips
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt,
Jess Hall's Seasoned Pepper 
Dark Brown Sugar

Heat your grilling surface to the hottest temperature possible. I usually get my green egg to about 650-700 degrees.

Rub steaks thoroughly with Seasoned pepper...Let marinate for at least 30 mins prior to cooking

Baste Steaks in Olive Oil
Then apply generous amounts of kosher salt and brown sugar covering each side of the steak. Do this right before cooking as the salt will eventually dry the meat out. 

Sear the steaks with an open flame for 1-2 minutes per side. At 700 degrees its usually about 90 seconds a side. The brown sugar will cause the steaks to stick a little to your grill so be sure after about 30 seconds to move the steaks a little with your spatula or tongs to prevent sticking.

After searing both sides wrap completely in foil and let them rest for 20 mins. During the rest period reduce your grill temp to 400-450.

Once done resting the steaks unwrap in foil and place them back on the grill to finish them out. At 400 degrees this usually equates to about 4 mins per side. It is important that you repeat the sticking prevention process again each time you flip the steak. After cooking to desired temperature remove from grill and let rest for 5 mins then serve. I usually go by the feel of the steak to determine if its medium rare, etc.

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